Author and publisher of the book Professor Petko Pavlov

The feature of the proposed five-volume work on the history of the award system in Bulgaria compared to other publications in this field, contains a lot more photos of the awards and their parameters. This in our opinion, it is important for collectors and moreover for visual presentation of the variety and quality of the Bulgarian awards.

Part I - "Bulgarian orders and medals," published in 2002. In 2005 a supplement edition was published.
Part I contains 346 pages, 729 color photos in 1:1 scale, parallel text in Bulgarian and English.
No copies are available for the moment, however there are 30-40 copies of the book meant for author’s reserve.

Part II - "Bulgarian decorations" consists of four volumes. Published from 2011 till 2012. Part II contains: 2254 pages, 9215 color photos in 1:1 scale, parallel texts in Bulgarian and English and Bulgarian and Russian languages.

volume one

Vol. 1, ISBN bulg.-engl.: 978-954-91766-4-3
bulg.-russ.: 978-954-91766-8-1

Chapter I
Military Decorations

1.1 All-Army Decorations
1.2. Decorations of Military Academies, Schools and High Schools
1.3. Decorations of the Various Types of Armed Forces and Troops

Chapter II
Decorations for Historical Dates, Events, Persons and Monuments

2.1. Decorations for Historical Dates and Events
2.2. Decorations with Effigies of Outstanding Persons
2.3. Decorations of Monuments

Chapter III
Decorations of Honorary Titles

3.1. Decorations of Honorary Titles Introduced by Decrees of Higher State Authorities (State Awards)
3.2. Decorations of Honorary Titles Established by Orders or Resolutions of Various Institutions and Organizations

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sample 1, sample 2, sample 3, sample 4, sample 5

volume 2

Vol. 2, ISBN bulg.-engl.: 978-954-91766-5-0
bulg.-russ.: 978-954-91766-9-8

Chapter IV
Decorations of State Institutions, Administrations and Organizations

4.1. Decorations of the National Assembly (Parliament)
4.2. Decoration „President of the Republic of Bulgaria“
4.3. Decorations of the Court and the Prosecutor’s Office
4.4. Decorations of Administrations and Organizations with Military Status
4.5. Decorations of Functional Administrations and Organizations

Chapter V
Decorations of Towns, Municipalities and Villages

5.1. South-West Region
5.2. South Central Region
5.3. South-East Region
5.4. North-East Region of Bulgaria
5.5. North Central Region
5.6. North-West Region

Chapter VI
Decorations of Economic Institutions and Organizations

6.1. Decorations in the Field of Industry
6.2. Decorations in the Field of Construction and Roads
6.3. Decorations in the Field of Agriculture
6.4. Decorations in the Field of Forest and Water Economy
6.5. Decorations in the Field of Transport

price: 100 EUR

sample 1, sample 2, sample 3, sample 4, sample 5

volume 3

vol. 3, ISBN bulg.-engl.: 978-954-91766-6-7
bulg.-russ.: 978-954-92679-1-4

Chapter VII
Decorations of Scientific, Educational, Cultural and Ecclesiastical Organizations and for Achievements in Science, Education and Culture

7.1. Decorations of Scientific Organizations and for Achievements in the Field of Science
7.2. Decorations of Educational Organizations for Achievements in the Field of Education
7.3. Decorations of Cultural Organizations or Awarded for Achievements in the Field of Culture and Art
7.4. Decorations of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church
7.5. Decorations of International Scientific, Educational and Cultural Events

Chapter VIII
Decorations of the Bulgarian Red Cross

8.1. Branch-Specific Decorations of the Bulgarian Red Cross
8.2. Decorations of the Bulgarian Youth Red Cross
8.3. Decorations of the Bulgarian Red Cross „Blood Donor“
8.4. Decorations of Rescue Services of the Bulgarian Red Cross
8.5. Decorations of Regional Organizations of the Bulgarian Red Cross

price: 100 EUR

sample 1, sample 2, sample 3, sample 4, sample 5

volume 4

vol. 4, ISBN bulg.-engl.: 978-954-91766-7-4
bulg.-russ.: 978-954-92679-2-1

Chapter IX
Decorations of National, Patriotic, Vocational, Public, Cultural-Enlightening and Others Organizations and Movements

9.1. Decorations of National, Professional and Military-Patriotic Organizations
9.2. Decorations of the Voluntary Workers’ Detachments (VWD)
9.3. Decorations of the Youth Brigade Movement
9.4. Decorations of Public, Trade Union, Youth and Other Organizations

Chapter X
Decorations of Sports Organizations and Movements

10.1. Bulgarian Olympic Decorations
10.2. Decorations of the National Sports Academy, Sport Schools and Similar
10.3. Decorations of Sports Organizations
10.4. Decorations of Various Sports

price: 100 EUR

sample 1, sample 2, sample 3, sample 4, sample 5

Without claim for fullness, the book attempts to provide detailed information about Orders, Medals and Decorations of the Third Bulgarian Kingdom, from the Liberation from Turkish slavery till today. In parallel with the main awards, the study shows, and photos of the various emissions, variations, samples and miniatures, as well as materials related to the creation and presentation of awards.

For each volume there is an attachment with the catalogue prices, of the prices shown in the book .

The cost of a single volume - 100.00 (one hundred) euros without transport services.

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